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> The Fred's Head Companion (APH)
> Thursday, December 27, 2007
> Put an End to the Squinting and Straining When Reading Small Type on the 
> Web
> By Michael McCarty
> Big.com, a search engine developed to deliver search results to users in a 
> large, easy to read format announces the immediate availability of the 
> Big.com Web Magnifier. Available from
> http://www.big.com/toolbar
> as a free, downloadable toolbar for use with Internet Explorer web 
> browsers, Web Magnifier provides users with the ability to enlarge the 
> text and graphics of any HTML web page for easier reading and navigation.
> The trend of decreasing font sizes in web design has made navigating the 
> web an increasingly difficult task for many Internet users. According to 
> the American Council of the Blind, nearly 8 million Americans are unable 
> to read regular print even with reading glasses, and the number is 
> expected to grow as the population ages. Not just for web users with 
> impaired vision, Web Magnifier can also be useful when reading the fine 
> print of an online contest or a site's privacy policy - both of which are 
> typically displayed in smaller font sizes - or to simply increase the size 
> of a photo to reveal more detail.
> Web Magnifier sits as a toolbar at the top of a user's screen and contains 
> a Big.com search box for immediate web searches as well as 3 buttons for 
> the various levels of magnification - normal, big and bigger. Once a page 
> is magnified to the desired level, Web Magnifier remembers the setting and 
> automatically adjusts the magnification on subsequent visits to the page. 
> Additionally, the toolbar itself can be displayed in large and standard 
> sizes.
> System requirements for the Big.com Web Magnifier include Microsoft 
> Windows 2000/XP, Internet Explorer 6.0, 1MB hard drive space and 128 MB of 
> RAM.
> Big.com is a service of Perfect Market Technologies, Inc., and is 
> dedicated to providing an easy-to-view web experience through its 
> large-format search engine and its Web Magnifier toolbar for Internet 
> Explorer. Based in Pasadena, CA, Perfect Market is a network company of 
> Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses.
> Posted by Michael McCarty at 3:13 PM
> http://fredsheadcompanion.blogspot.com/2006/03/put-end-to-squinting-and-straining.html

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