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            For the KC people:
1. Is there reciprocity between St.  Louis's Call a Ride and Kc" Share =
2. Does the Share fare in KC take you from KC, MO , I.e. 121st and =
Wornall,  to the KS side,  Overland Park I.e. 105 and Metcalf?=20
3. What are the cab companies up there and does anyone have a cab driver =
they use without having to call the company?=20
This would help me to be independent when I visit so I don't have to =
rely on family members to transport me. =20
4.  If anyone needs a referral for a cab driver here in St. Louis I have =
the name of a cab driver who is  nice and reliable and you don't have to =
call the company directly.  He is great!=20
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