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way to go to all of yah. Jim you rock. I found the Dice iTR-100A,  but there 
don't seem to be any way to get the price on it from the dice web site. How 
strange. Anyway for $50.00 u can't beat this radio. It looks like my not 
being a first adapter has again paid off. smile. I will  pass this info to 
the family and we will see if it ends up under my tree. hugs.
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> uh huh Jim, at Best Buy it may only be 14 days.  They love to make people
> sweat.  I like that there is a three year warranty for $10.  That's worth
> it.  Take it back shortly before the end and replace it since the
> rechargeable battery would likely be dying by then.  Kim, to your question
> of accessibility.  All of them are accessible to the point of scanning
> through stations.  You can't read the song name in the display, but you 
> can
> certainly turn it up and down and change stations.  It's just a radio. 
> The
> only real question is the pre-sets.
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> 30-day return policy, just like with anything you purchase, if you're
> not happy, return the product.
> Just make sure to hang on to the receipt!
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> How can we be sure this unit is accessible?
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> Unity
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> visit www.unityonline.org
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> visit www.unity.fm
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> Hi List,
> Okay, this has now turned into one of my famous research projects.  So
> be warned.  Everyone should also know there are apps for the IPhone that
> let you listen to HD radio for free of course.  That darn IPhone gets
> everything darn it!
> I searched my archives for information on a talking HD radio, but I must
> have dreamed it.  Searching the  web I did find this article.  I would
> like it for Christmas myself.  I've taken out a lot of the junk, and
> added a direct link at Best Buy for anyone interested.
> Reg
> Insignia NS-HD01: first-ever portable HD Radio on sale at Best Buy By
> Darren Murph  posted Jul 12th 2009 12:01AM
> Remember that first-ever portable HD Radio prototype we peeked back in
> May?
> Turns out Best Buy just let loose the real-deal, today announcing
> immediate availability of the Insignia NS-HD01. Needless to say, the big
> box retailer and supporters of HD Radio alike are hoping that this
> subscription-free player will finally put some much-needed wind behind
> the sails of the format, and while it's pretty simple in nature, the
> sub-$50 price tag could place it squarely in the "impulse buy" category.
> The relatively brief specs list includes a color LCD, rechargeable
> Li-ion battery, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a bundled armband and
> ten user-selectable preset memory channels. You can catch the full
> release after the break, and the player itself in your nearest Best Buy.
> Insignia NS-HD01: first-ever portable HD Radio on sale at Best Buy
> Best Buy(r) Releases First-Ever Portable HD Radio Receiver
> InsigniaT HD RadioT Portable Player Provides Digital HD Radio
> Broadcasting On the Go
> MINNEAPOLIS - Today, Best Buy announced the launch of the InsigniaT HD
> Radio Portable Player, a first-of-its-kind product innovation, which
> will be available exclusively at Best Buy on July 12.
> The built-in, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery on the Insignia HD Radio
> Portable Player ensures long periods of continuous listening and
> entertainment, and a full-color LCD screen makes it simple to program
> your favorite preset stations at any time. A stylish armband and a 3.5
> mm jack output make it easy to use the player on the go or in your car.
> Set up to 10 user-selectable preset memory channels to save and enjoy
> your favorite stations wherever you go. For a full list of HD Radio
> stations, visit http://www.hdradio.com.
> MSRP - $49.99
> Features:
> 10 station presets
> Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 10 hours of playing
> time) by USB 3.5mm output (can be used with car stereo [cable not
> included]) Full color display Displays radio station, artist, and song
> rating 3.7 from 5 (72 reviews)
> Backordered They claim three weeks but, I bet it's longer.  Still $49.
> Good news is it's in stock at almost all the stores, including Metro
> North Jose.
> Accessories included:
> Earphones, Armband, USB cable for charging
> Package contents:
> Earphones, Armband, USB cable, User guide and Quick Set Up Guide Direct
> link to the product, and 72 reviews at
> http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Insignia%26%23174%3B+-+HD+Radio+Portable+Pla
> yer/9375071.p?id=1218094581941&skuId=9375071&st=hd
> radioKeyword or Item #&cp=1&lp=1
> Okay, if you are still reading you are an idiot!  So here's your reward.
> A couple of representative reviews of the Insignia NS-HD01 below.  And
> some information on a new one called Slacker radio a guy mentioned.  I
> checked it out for all of you.  There's a free service that let's you
> download radio stations to the portable player, and skip up to 6 songs
> per hour.  However, the radio costs $250, and is probably not that
> accessible.  That was the end of my research on Slacker.  So this is the
> only cheap and portable HD radio available at this time, and I still
> want one, hint hint?  It's not perfect, but it will probably do the job
> quite nicely thank you.
> Great little radio!   11/18/2009
> By Nicole801 from SLC, Utah  Read all my reviews
> Value for Price 5.0 5
> Sound Quality 5.0 5
> Durability 5.0 5
> Reception 5.0 5
> What's great about it: It's an Hd radio that is portable, duh!
> "I got this radio as a Christmas present for my boyfriend however
> looking at other reviews I decided to have him open it early. It worked
> great! He loves it so much. You should get better headphones for it. I
> think whether or not the reception is good depends on the area you live
> in so it could really be hit or miss when you buy it. I would say
> overall it's a sturdy little radio.
> It kind of sucks that it doesn't come with an AC adapter, you have to
> plug it in to your computer to charge it. I however was able to use my
> charger for my blackberry pearl to charge it and it worked fine.
> Over-all I am very pleased with this product."
> Would you recommend this product to a friend?: Yes
> Great FM radio but inadequate HD radio   11/18/2009
> By trunksy from Los Angeles, CA  Read all my reviews
> Value for Price 2.0 5
> Sound Quality 3.0 5
> Durability 3.0 5
> Reception 1.0 5
> What's great about it: The only currently available personal HD radio
> product besides Zune HD (expensive).
> What's not so great: Programming does not save secondary channels after
> a power off.
> "I give it very low marks for usability. It barely does what it says it
> does.
> It does tune HD radio but the reception is pretty bad indoors (at the
> gym).
> I could barely get a radio signal on the second floor and a fat chance
> of getting any reception on the first floor at my gym.
> One of the differences with HD Radio compared to analog is that it
> requires a second or two to buffer before it actually locks into the
> station and you hear any sound. Thus, it's not easy to search stations,
> especially when you're trying to check out secondary stations. That
> wouldn't be so bad if it had good reception which it doesn't. To add
> insult to injury, the worst problem with this product is that it doesn't
> save secondary programmed stations after you power off the unit. If you
> select a preset after you've programmed it, it will send you directly to
> the HD2 or HD3 station you've just programmed like it's supposed to but
> once you power off the device, everything defaults back to the HD1
> station of that frequency. Even if you try to power off the device
> leaving it on the HD2 channel, when you power it back on, it will search
> for the station and throw you back onto the HD1 station. What's the
> point of programming if you have to reprogram and/or retune it every
> time you turn the product on? Bad design!
> Speaking of using it in the gym, the arm band doesn't have any spandex
> in it at all and it's shaped like those blood pressure testers. If you
> actually have muscles, don't plan on having any blood circulating in
> your arm if you plan to do any type of exercising that raises your heart
> rate, let alone actually flexing your arm. The wide polyester arm band
> is completely constricting unlike most MP3 player arm bands which
> usually cover a lot less of your arm and will move (stretch) with your
> arm.
> One suggestion or alternative might be to turn it into a necklace but
> the device is still a bit too bulky for that compared to popular flash
> MP3 players and it doesn't have a hole to be tied to a necklace anyway.
> When you do get reception, it does show the artist and song title if the
> radio station transmits it but you don't get any features like iPod
> tagging even though you have to plug it into a computer to charge
> anyway.
> The conclusion based on my usage is that this device might be great for
> grandma who is looking to replace her old portable FM radio anyway, may
> occasionally browse onto an HD station AND barely knows enough about USB
> to charge with it instead of a regular outlet. For someone who's got an
> active lifestyle and is actually looking to add HD radio on the go when
> you don't have the time to constantly update the music in your MP3
> player, this device is not ready for you yet. For me, this is going in
> my pile of useless gadgets that I've purchased and tried to use maybe
> once or twice.
> I haven't tried Slacker yet but the reviews look a lot better as long as
> it doesn't break on you."
> Would you recommend this product to a friend?: No
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