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Herr Weibel:  

 A ball head, as opposed to a bald head, is a device that fits on top of a 
tripod or monopod, and allows a limited amount of camera movement, usually 
either landscape or portrait orientation, without the "inconvenience" of 
schlepping a tripod around. Not as steady.  A little faster than adjusting a 

They are also known as "dump heads" for when you forget to tighten the ball, 
and it lets your camera /lens bash against the head , tripod or  monopod it is 
mounted on.  They come is all sizes, from small, useful for positioning flash 
units, to larger ones for cameras/loooong tele lenses, and most are frightfully 

I have observed Ray's set-up, and frankly, am envious of his sharpness. (the 
photos...the PHOTOS!) I wondered if just maybe, if something similar might help 
the sharpness of my images just a little bit. (The sincerest  form of   
flattery, and all that... )  Maybe there's no hope.  But, I would like to try a 
cheapie on my monopod, just to see... 

Anyhow, now that I have told you how to build the whole bicycle  when all you 
wanted was to change the tire, you know all I do about ball heads. 

Later; C. 

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OK, I will bite.   What is a ball head?  Please do not tell me if it has 
anything that qualifies in the area of what Paul called me Saturday, 
"Technologically Challenged". 
I do have a Ball Jar. 
John W 


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Ray: Freeelists is good. C. 
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Ratpack-bounce is where the repost came from when you posted a non-subscribed 
address.  I had to manually authorize the post.  I wrote you at the time and 
asked which address you wanted to use, but you didn't reply, so I subscribed 
both addresses, which probably explains why you're getting two copies of every 

Again, let me know which one you want and I'll fix it up. 

I'm on the salt at the moment, so it might take me a while.  Gonna be here all 


At 03:00 AM 9/21/2009, you wrote: 

Hey, has anybody got a ball head they would like to sell? 



Ray, what's the difference between ratpack@freelists , and ratpack-bounce?  


Later; C.

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