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Oooo. Nothing wrong with that atall atall!  I LIKE it!  Which rules of 
photography did you do violence to?  You have lines leading the eye into the 
subject, and it was placed on or nearly on the classic "sweet spots" or "power 
points". (nothing to do with computers)   The little green blobs  are lens 
flare from the LED headlights, whether caused by the filter or the internals of 
the lens, who knows? To me, not disturbing.  

Looks like it could have been a scene from "Close encounters of the third 
kind".  C. 

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My dad used to say to me 'When I want your opinion I'll ask for it...' well I'm 
asking for your opinion. I'm attaching a photo that I personally like, in fact 
I have a 12x24 print of it in my cubical at work. It goes against many of the 
rules of photography but beauty is in the eye... I like the star effect from 
the head lights as well as the ghost lights, which I believe are a reflection 
from my filter, any how, I like the reflection of the clouds off the front 
cowling and windshield and the dark green against the gray of the pavement. 

So let me know what you think, maybe I'm alone on this one. 

Dr Z 

Dr. Z 
aka Michael Wells 
MCWells Photography 

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