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That's beautiful, man! It really is. Old barns, homesteads...whatever is one of my favorite subjects. I need to stop and shoot as you did when I see one, but it seems there's always some reason that I don't.


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On 7/26/2010 10:29 PM, Michael Wells wrote:

So I spent the better part of Sat & Sun baking out in the hot sun shooting motorcycles (http://www.pbase.com/twistedlight/mom_4). Not too much of special interest a few riders off the track, I got some shots of one of the riders but it was far away and in a cloud of dust. I did like how the one shot of the rider zooming across the finish line turned out, I had to go through a bunch of shutter clicks to catch that one rider.

So on the way home I turned right coming out of the track instead of left, road less traveled and all. I haven't been down this road for more than 20 years so it has changed quite a bit. Well any way I was driving along enjoying the view when I passed this dilapidated old homestead, well I couldn't just pass this up so I grabbed the camera and shot this. I really think it would look cool with about a foot of snow so I'll have to make a return visit this next winter.

Well enjoy the shot of the crumbling house and bikes on the track and I'll see you at the next race.

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