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Thanks for the report. I'm glad it was you and not me out there in the cold. ;) Sounds like a somewhat pathetic turnout. I guess the Smiths didn't show with their Corvettes and no Air Power cars? (I can't remember if the Snows' Porsche is an AP car or not.)

Any report from JG or anyone else at the track about future plans other than what's been posted?


On 3/27/2011 9:34 AM, Michael Wells wrote:

So the first MPRA race of the year was held yesterday, they started this season with another 3 hour enduro, the criteria was supposed to be a minimum of 20 cars to hold the race. Well only 10 cars registered so they still held the race but just on the west track. John Potter and his team were there with their #33 local racer, they made the pole position, no surprise, but pulled out after about 8 laps with a broken car. Last year they were running strong until an axle broke. So this left the Snow's as the cream of the crop, Madison & Melanie were using this race as a warm-up and didn't push the car and easily won the race.

McKoy Racing was there with their Acura as well as the #29 Acura from Innovative Garage, both with new engines. These two Acura's are front wheel drives so had a tough time keeping all four wheels on the track. I included a couple pics where you can see one of the rear wheels not moving as they came around the turn after Black Rock (I forget the name). The two Acuras started strong but both had mechanical problems.

Roger Miller & his nephew were in the #77 Mustang and had a good race but didn't have a very good strategy and needed to stop with only a few laps to go to take on a bit more gas to finish the race and so let the Shark Saver Mustang lap them to take 2nd.

Larry Carpenter & Pfadt Racing were there with new Miatas and finished the race several laps down as you would expect.

The wind was blowing about 30 mph all day so it was cold and we even got a few rain drops so it was a pretty miserable day for racing & photographing, but you know what they say about the worst day at the track still being better than a day doing 'honey-do' work.

I'll have some shots from the days racing soon but until I do enjoy the Acuras dancing on 3 wheels.

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