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That is a great-looking old tree. If I had any painting talent, I would  paint 
it, semi-silhouhette, to preserve most of the detail, isolated on a rocky, 
desert  knoll,  with a red the sun, enlarged like through an exterme telephoto 
lens,  setting just to one side of it, or behind some of the branches.   But, I 
can't paint, so I'll just have to imagine... C. 

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This wonderful old tree has been home to a beehive on and off for the last 25 
years. I hope they are back this year. I love this tree as it reminds me of me. 
Old, well used, but still useful. 

Rick Draganowski 
(Soli Deo Gloria) 

p.s. I thought of doing a painting of this one but the complexity is such that 
I could not do it justice. So the photo has to be it's representation. This 
tree is 250 feet from my home. You may notice that I live rather close to 

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