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Way cool shots, love 'em!  What year Camaro are you looking at?

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"Waaaay Coool! 
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I just posted about 400 more photos of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly 
Weekender on my web server.  It took place about 3 weeks ago, but some 
things got in the way...like my Burb needing a new serpentine belt, 
idler pulley, water pump, alternator and radiator...plus I added 
electric fans to replace the turboprop clutch fan.  I've hated its noise 
ever since I bought it.

Anyway, 2 of the 3 sections are finished: "Quick Pix" and "The Rest." 
These are photos of the rods and kustoms at the show that I shot on 
Friday and Saturday.  I'm workin on the final section that will have the 
odds 'n ends: Pinup girls, ink (tattoos...not my thing, but very much on 
display) and some shots of the Jerry Lee Lewis performance.  I'll get 
those done asap.  Here's the url for the menu page:


If ya find any errors, (like wrong year or make or whatever) please let 
me know.

Also, I'd love to add a section to the website with photos of the Utah 
Ice Festival...I mean Grand Prix.  If ya don't mind sending me a dozen 
of yer photos (each) I'll do a page for each photographer.

Speaking of which, I finally got my System Administer rights back on 
Freelists (that disappeared somehow and it took 'em a week to respond to 
my email requesting its reinstatement) SO, I added out 2 new users, 
Jason Porter and Chuck Bissey.  Welcome to you both.


System Admin and Burb fixer...and, with any amount of luck, about to 
become a Camaro owner again.  We'll know Saturday.

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