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I talked to Larry at the vintage race and he is going to miss the Grand Am.


On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 4:41 PM, PAUL W WATSON <TSWATSON78@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Just an FYI for the newbies.
> It is a good idea to be in the media center for the safety meeting, etc at
> 0800 each day.  So you need to get your wrist band before that and usually
> you cannot take your car into the track.  You have to leave it in the gravel
> parking lot.  Don't forget to place your parking pass where it is visible,
> not that they check.
> Usually the track has lunch for the media in the media center along with
> snacks and drinks.  They also have shuttle vans to take you around the track
> and keep you hydrated.  Miller also in the past has provided donuts, coffee,
> etc for the morning meeting.
> Has anybody heard from the Knightmare?  Is he going to be there?
> The most important FYI is that the G.O.M's are usually pretty good at this
> race.[image: Open-mouthed smiley emoticon]
> P
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> All,
> Well maybe it's because I'm newer to this whole gig that keeps me enthused,
> I also have the benefit of having no little kids at home to chase after. As
> much as my wife loves me she's not about to come to the track and watch me
> take pictures. So my only other alternative is to hang out with you bunch of
> misfits. John has been good to me so far and I'm pretty lucky to have found
> someone that will sponsor me for credentials. I had to work for this one and
> I'm going to ride it as far as I can.
> As much as I love to shoot nature & waterfalls they can't give me the same
> kind of adrenaline rush that motor sports has. And the fact that I've been
> able to sell a few photos is a huge bonus & ego stroker. I'd hate to not see
> you at the track any more Ray but I haven't walked in your shoes so I don't
> know your level of frustration. Part of this is the camaraderie, where else
> am I going to hang out with a bunch of mentally deranged photogs? I don't
> know where this will lead but it's been fun and I hope this continues. I
> hope something works out for you Ray, Brandon, the guy that came to the ALMS
> race with me will only be there Sat til 3, I don't know if credentials are
> transferable but he won't be using his either Friday or Sunday. Just walk up
> and say you're Brandon Storr, who knows? I don't know if that will work but
> it's out there.
> I also can't wait for the lunches at Hires, my wife just rolls her eyes
> when I start talking about panning & shutter speed and so on...
> Well there's my two cents.
> Michael aka Dr Z
> On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> After talking with John Gardner about credential requests, and in
>> particular, www.landracing.com (he said "give it a try") he denied my
>> request.  I pointed out some things he might not be aware of (like my photos
>> of MMP on landracing) and asked him to reconsider.  I haven't heard from
>> him.
>> If I don't hear back and I don't get credentials for this weekend, I'm
>> considering severing my relationship with MMP.  The credential hoops and
>> changing rules and moving targets are too much hassle.  I may just cut back
>> to doing car shows and the salt flats.  It would sure be a nice thing not to
>> have to do a paper chase for every fucking event and find myself in conflict
>> with the "big boys" who have corporate backing and departments who handle
>> all that stuff for 'em.  Working 16-18 hours a day to get all the photos
>> edited and on the web is gettin to be a real energy drain.  I know that it's
>> something that I've chosen to do, but it might just be for the best if I
>> didn't have that never-ending series of hoops to jump through.
>> When Spencer Young bought the old Bonneville Raceway Park and built Rocky
>> Mountain Raceway, it just stopped being fun.  I'd been a permanent fixture
>> at the Saturday nite roundy-round races and ran my Monte Carlo on the drag
>> strip there.  After numerous incidents (the biggest one was not being
>> allowed to bring a "cold cup" of water into the track) I decided that the
>> costs outweighed the benefits and I stopped giving Mr. Young my money.  I
>> haven't regretted it at all.  MMP is starting to get that way for me.
>> Since Larry's death, the track has begun a downward spiral that just
>> doesn't look very good.  It wouldn't surprise me if it didn't go up for sale
>> or just closed down.  But aside from that negativity, I get the feeling that
>> they'd rather not have to bother with ANY photographers, no matter how much
>> free PR they get.  We've discussed this in the past and I don't see any
>> changes that would make things better.
>> So if I don't get the credentials for this weekend, I'll shoot the Peach
>> Days car show in Brigham City and probably not even bother going back to
>> MMP.  Besides: next year is lookin awful bleak as far as events.  No ALMS,
>> no vintage or historic races, only Superbike, Grand-Am and NASCAR West
>> (combining 'em is really a dumb idea) and some bread and circuses for the
>> masses like the off-road stuff.  Superbike has been a pita from the word go
>> and that only leaves 2 major events.  I can live without 'em.
>> RtR
>> On 9/7/2010 1:56 PM, PAUL W WATSON wrote:
>>  Yes,
>> Does anybody know what track configuration[s] are being used?  NASCAR in
>> the past has used the 3 mile perimeter track and the Grand Am cars use the
>> full 4.5 mile track.
>> Paul
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>> Sounds like the start of a party for the Rat Pack. Will the Big Sigma be
>> along for the ride?
>> Michael
>> On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 12:58 PM, PAUL W WATSON <TSWATSON78@xxxxxxx>wrote:
>>>  I'll be there Thursday thru Sunday.
>>> P
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>>> All,
>>> Well the credential confirmation came through on Saturday so Brandon and
>>> I are good to go. Are we going to see everyone there?
>>> Michael
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