[raknet] RakNet 2.25 released

  • From: Kevin Jenkins <rakkar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: RakNet Freelist <raknet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 00:24:20 -0700

2.25 is out.  I probably won't be releasing another version for a while 
since I have to work on my day job :)

This version really rocks.

1.  30% speed increase.  It's near the maximum now where sendto and 
recvfrom take all the CPU time.
2.  Order of magnitude throughput increase.  I can't measure it anymore 
because the variables overflow before the throughput slows down.  It 
used to be 4000 packets per second, which it handles easily now.
3.  Added the loopback performance test project. It's really well 
written so take a look at it.
4.  Added the RakNet statistics structure and GetStatistics function 
which returns that.  It encompasses a huge range of statistical data and 
has a StatisticsToString function to output that to something readable.
5.  Added the SYSTEM_PRIORITY level so that system messages are not 
interrupted by game messages.  Means more reliable and accurate 
connections, disconnections, pings, and a few other things.
6.  Added a timer to Disconnect so you can ensure the 

This version is not backwards compatible with old versions.  You'll have 
to change your code to add that timer to Disconnect and you might have 
to do some casting since Packet::data is now an unsigned char.

You can get it from http://www.rakkarsoft.com/raknet/downloads/RakNet.zip

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