[racktables-users] Re: Some Suggestions/Questions

  • From: William Segura <W.Segura@xxxxxx>
  • To: "racktables-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <racktables-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 09:22:53 -0700

>Hello, all.

>>> It would be nice if the User Accounts system would allow user 
>>> definable attributes to be applied. I would like to be able to add 
>>> things like phone number, cube, manager information to a user account.
>> >
>> Yep, this can be useful. We will add it to our todo list.

>This makes a point. Filed as #206.

>>> Another nice feature would be for you to be able to grant default 
>>> permissions to a user upon creation.
>> Well, right now all permissions are managed by a script called RackCode. 
>> You probably can write a script that would grant some default 
>> permissions to all users. Denis Ovsienko should be able to clarify this 
>> further.

> I see this as a feature simpler, than RackCode. Ticket #205.

>>> In the Objects View, A view type of “unmounted” would be nice. If I 
>>> add multiple device objects with different hardware types, I have to 
>>> go to each group that I added an object to. I am also not seeing a way 
>> > to transfer a device between userids.
>> Erm, right. We used to have "unmounted" filter before, but due to some 
>> reason, which I don't remember now, it's gone. Denis, any thoughts?

>Yes, it's me, who removed it and forgot to bring back. What if we
>provide this list as one of the reports?

The problem with this solution is that it disrupts the current workflow. I 
would have to go into a different part of the UI to see what is unmounted. It 
makes more sense from a user standpoint to have the unmounted group in the main 
object pane. I have been toying with the idea of creating an "InStorage" tag 
for things that are unmounted and wont be mounted anytime soon. The "unmounted" 
group I am talking about would be for newly created objects.

>    Denis Ovsienko

Another possible bug I found is that if I put in a search term that should 
report equipment with that as a substring, it should also report rack names 
that also match. It currently does not show a rack with the search string in 
the results.

Is there a way to automatically block off the network and broadcast IPs on a 

A feature I would like to see is automatic IP assignment. When an ip aware 
object is created, a dropdown with the list of subnets should appear as well as 
a checkbox to select auto-ip. The object would then be given the next available 
IP in the subnet. Perhaps I am missing something, but there seems to be some 
disjointedness between object creation and ip allocation. I can assign an IP 
address to an object from the object settings, however that doesn't include the 
object name properly in the IP allocation. I am looking at RackTables as a tool 
to also manage our DNS records. The IP subnet allocation does not have a name 
set if I setup the ip address and name from the object settings. I have to go 
into the IPv4 subnet and set the name. I am not sure what direction you want to 
take RackTables in regards to DNS. It would be nice to also have support for 
domain names in the IPv4 system. Right now you have to manually type the FQDN 
if you want to reflect a domain name. A default domain name as well as a 
user/group restrictions on what domain names that they can use would be nice.

Is there a way to add a bind user and password to an LDAP server 
authentication? Our AD server requires a username and password to bind and 


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