[racktables-users] Re: New to Racktables: Patchpanel, Autogenerate ports

  • From: Dion Rowney <dion.rowney@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 12:07:19 -0600

For patch panels we made two ports for each plug and named them 1-net and 1-rack indicating where each end is and then put the rack in two loations as 1/2 the rack is in the network closet and the other is in the rack.

We also made a slight mod so we could look through the patch panel from the device to see the port on the net switch that the patch panel was plugged into.

I only have 24 port cat 6 patch panels to worry about right now so I haven't looked At question 2

As for the port compatability there is a way to define what port is compatible with what in the config.

Hope this helps.


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On Mar 16, 2010, at 9:35 AM, Joerg Friedrich <Joerg.Friedrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:


I just installed RackTables to document our racks :-)

Now I have some questions:

1. How to setup a patchpanel properly?
Problem is that a patchpanel might be connected to another patchpanel
  in another rack. My solution is to create every port twice (portXX
  and portXX-back) so that I can document these connections properly.
  is this the right way?

2. Is AutoPorts the only way to create lots of identical ports?
We have different types of Patchpanels (12 Ports, 24 Ports, fibre and
  copper), so do I have to create a separate object in the
  dictionary or is there another possibility?

3. fibre patchpanels
  is there any porttype which is compatible with all fibre connections
  10/100/1000/...-base-fx    sc/st/lc/whatever? so I can link these?

Jörg Friedrich

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