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Personally had to do a similar exercise myself so be interested to hear people 
thoughts on this.

All our patch panels are a 1 to 1 Relationship so we took the PortXX-ServerRack 
and PortXX-CommsRack approach but only because seemed the indendent method.

James Tutton

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I just installed RackTables to document our racks :-)

Now I have some questions:

1. How to setup a patchpanel properly?
   Problem is that a patchpanel might be connected to another patchpanel
   in another rack. My solution is to create every port twice (portXX
   and portXX-back) so that I can document these connections properly.
   is this the right way?

2. Is AutoPorts the only way to create lots of identical ports?
   We have different types of Patchpanels (12 Ports, 24 Ports, fibre and
   copper), so do I have to create a separate object in the
   dictionary or is there another possibility?

3. fibre patchpanels
   is there any porttype which is compatible with all fibre connections
   10/100/1000/...-base-fx    sc/st/lc/whatever? so I can link these?

Jörg Friedrich

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