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Oke Thanks i will look in to it. And how about the other things i asked?

 Met vriendelijke groet,

 Roy de Jager

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> > Until the new uber featureful release is out you can do what I did -
> > create a new Chapter  called 'Hosted On'. Add your ESX server as
> > words. Create a new attribute called 'Hosted on' , type dict.
> > Now, put it all together by mapping the 'Hosted On' Chapter to Server
> > object with 'Hosted On' Dictionary.
> > Create VMs as normal servers and set the 'Hosted On'  field to
> > respective esx host.
> Thanks for this.  When the newer release comes out that make provision
> for newer categories like virtual machines, will it be necessary to do
> it all over by hand?

Hello. There's another way to do the task with 0.16.x.
Existing "veth" port type can be employed for connecting virtual
systems to the real hardware. The only thing necessary is to allow
connecting 'veth' to 'veth', which is done from "Configuration->Port
compatibility map". Then each VM would have 1 veth port, while host
systems would have a stack of such (like 10-20, depending on the
environment). Then assignments would be managed from usual "Port" tab.

    Denis Ovsienko



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