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The software is free, and it has been around for a while.  I suggest that for 
now you use MB, and ask that this be corrected with a wish list item.  The 
Racktables team works very hard on the software and many people are using it as 
it is released. Althought it might look like a simple fix it might be more 

Thanks for using Racktables and helping make the software better.

Thanks Racktables Team.

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Yes, that is correct.  However, our field is DRAM, GB.  And likewise for the 
CPU Speed in MHz you cannot enter 2.6.

I am looking to change the type to float to allow for decimal values



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30.11.2010, 15:42, "James Osbourn" <james.osbourn@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> I am using rack tables and am having a problem on this and a couple of other 
> fields where I want to enter for example 2.5GB of memory.  When I have the 
> change the display rounds to 3GB, which is not correct.
> Has any updated this field?  Is there an easy way to update the type of this 
> field to allow floating point.  I would like to preserve any data making this 
> change.
> As these attributes are ones that ship with racktables are these going to be 
> updated in a future release.

For "DRAM, MB" it would be 2500MB or 2560MB (depending on the measure) for 2.5G 

    Denis Ovsienko

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