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Thanks Gopal.
So, due to the fact that V$GC_ELEMENT is based on X$LE and V$DLM_RESS
(OPS) is now known as V$GE_RESOURCE (RAC) and is based on X$LE,
therefore, somehow this information can be extracted from V$GC_ELEMENT
In my opinion, Oracle should do a better job in documenting these things
so that those who don't have access to Oracle's internal sites (like
most of us) can get this information relatively easily.

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I am discusing the very same issue in my upcoming RAC book. Basically to
understand the master of the block, you need to  convert the
block/buffer name to a  to the resource name (combination of X$LE,

BTW Dynamic Remastering not enabled by default in 9iR2 and it is not
totally functional. For that matter, even in 10gR1 it is not a true
dynamic remastering as it masters the files to the instance and not the
objects. Only 10gR2 has the object level dynamic remastering and for
testing purpose you can manually remaster the objects using the oradebug
lkdebug commands.


On 5/22/06, Hameed, Amir <Amir.Hameed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Folks,
> Is there a way to find out what instance has mastered a certain block 
> in
> 9i2 RAC?
> Thanks
> Amir
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