[racattack] Re: Update to 12.2/OL7?

  • From: Hans Forbrich <fuzzy.greybeard@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: racattack@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 10:28:03 -0700

Many thanks.

Looks like we stick with 12.1 for new attacks, for now.


On 2017-11-09 10:08 AM, Ludovico Caldara wrote:

Hi Hans,

racattack.org <http://racattack.org> exists but nobody is working on it right now.

After long discussions with many people, internally in the RAC SIG board we came to the conclusion that nobody of us will try to update the workshop as is, for one main reasons: the hardware requirements for RAC 12.2 are too high

Disk space for  MGMTDB disks: 40GB
Disk space for a usable CDB and its FRA: 20GB
Disk space for OS, install and a few weeks of trace files: 60GB x number of nodes.

That is already 200GB for a lab....

Not to mention the memory: 8Gb per VM

I've heard that some people have been able to install it on a dual core laptop with 16gb of RAM, but the installation was VERY SLOW (like 3 hours of pure compute, using vagrant+ansible scripts). I made it in one hour and a half of pure computing on my laptop: 32Gb, quad core, 1Tb NVMe: how many people have this?

We though about other solutions for a workshop but none of them are viable:
- vagrant+ansible: does not change the requirements of the laptops, but nice ansible playbooks already exist (search oravirt on github)
- RAC on the cloud: the free trial does not provide enough credits to do something useful, and many people might have already exhausted their credits
- providing bigger servers just for a workshop might be an idea, but it costs money to purchase them , ship them to the conference, etc.

So, from my point of view it is not worth the effort.

If anyone wants to upgrade the book and take the honor and the lead of the project, he would be more than welcome!


2017-11-09 0:11 GMT+01:00 Hans Forbrich <fuzzy.greybeard@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:fuzzy.greybeard@xxxxxxxxx>>:

    Hi all,

    Wondering whether the racattack.org <http://racattack.org> site is
    still active, and whether there is any activity towards getting it
    updated to RAC 12.2

    I note that earlier list or FB traffic discussed automated scripts
    for that, but I don't recall seeing any discussion around updating
    the site.

    /Hans Forbrich

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