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  • From: "Mark Schaaf" <Mark.Schaaf@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 20:14:06 +0100

Hello Henry,

I have build my own three wheeled Python, lean steering, but no tilting mechanism.
In different to yours, i have used the FlevoTrike lean steering.

There is one big problem i have while riding the Trike:

while breaking by driving curves, also in walking speed, the front frame tips over to the outer site of the curve. I think the positive Trail of the Python is here responsible for it; in combination with only one Breake at the Front.

At the time, I re-build the rear part of the Frame; I treat him two drumbreakes at the rear frame and 30cm less wheelbase. In this way, i would lean the wheels 5° and increase the track width up arround 85cm.

Do you mean, that it´s better by your´s?

And one thing i think, there you would have a problem:
Do you want to transport any baggage?
You can´t put hardly anything on the middle Part of the frame, cause it changes the driving characteristics enormous.

with kind regards

Mark Schaaf

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