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Do you have any issues adjusting the chain to be tight?


You can see in page 1 of my (chopped down) plans how close the wheel is to
the framework so I don't have much fore/aft adjustment room, so, on page 2 I
have vertical dropouts which I'm worried may cause the chain to loosen with
time. I'm still scratching my head on this one a bit.

I'm almost thinking I should change to horizontal slot dropouts and adjust
the chain to more or less center as best as possible in the framework space.
That way it wouldn't likely loosen on a bump etc.


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Am 18 May 2005 um 11:29 hat Daryl Bender geschrieben:

> I'm in a similar situation on my planned Python. Which hub did you use 
> and how do you find it?
first I used a 3 gears hub from sachs which I took from an old wheel and
build it into a 20 inch 
rim, but on TT 3 and 4 there is not enough space for my feet because the
gearchainging rope 
is outside the axle and I hit it while pedaling, the same would be with a

You can find the shimano nexus gear-hub in a bicycle shop or on ebay, where
I hope to get 
one cheap. In a shop it would cost around 140 € with rim.

Greetings Jürgen Maier

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