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I rode ~50km in the mountains Monday on my Trek. If I ride no-hands often my 
wrists and back are OK, and if I stand and honk then my crotch comes back to 
life. I need to put a smaller chainring on the python so those hilly rides are 
do-able for me.

At 12:03 PM 7/6/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Olaf,
>>Strangely enough I am not so bothered by the unicycle seat. The other day I 
>>made another 28 km ride on my 36-incher ...
>That´s amazing. How do you brake downhill?

I was hiking in the mountain last weekend and saw a guy riding down Kitchen 
Creek Road on a 20" unicycle (it drops ~2200' over ~7 miles.)

>>But leave the DF at home.
>double feature, dog food, data file, dead fish ???

Around our house: dog fart. Best left outside...

With all of le Tour hoop-la, I didn't see a mention of RAAM. There were 2 
recumbent teams, but no soloists. One bent team came in third - 
One member was quoted: 'Given the remarkable growth in support for gays and 
lesbians, I think there is a chance that recumbents might someday be accepted.' 



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