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I won't have 3 brakes as I don't like those combined levers , however I can understand you using them and the more working brakes the better as far as I am concerned.

Yes there is talk of load shifting under braking etc , however braking the 2 rear wheels doubles the contact patch that is braking so even if 1/2 the load shifted to the front wheel [ unlikely in my experience [ life and not theoretical ] you are still no worst off and if either of the rear wheels should loose grip you still have half your braking ?

I have some Avid BB7's however I am trying SA hub brakes for this trike to try and give me better bad weather performance and lower the maintenance needed in the winter ?

I have had the front tyre rapidly deflate at 25mph downhill on a crowded street = scary

Both brakes failed during a downpour in traffic down hill = scary

Slid across a greasy road with the front wheel locked up towards the centre of a 4x4' number plate = brown trouser moment

This I am told is the rich tapestry of life :-)

regards paul

On 15/02/18 19:42, Patrick van Gompel wrote:


For your brakes, I would say that it depends on your center of gravity. The CoG of a Kettwiesel is much more to the back than most Python trikes I have seen. Although front brakes are usually more effective in braking than rear ones (compare with a car), a locking up steering front wheel is dangerous. For my trike I had a front brake only, at first. I only had problems when braking hard on gravel/slippery roads, or when the trailer was loaded. So I installed rear brakes too. That really helped and never had braking problems again. So in my eyes, you preferably want brakes for all wheels.

To go against brake steering: make sure your system has the same force applied to both right and left wheel. For my trike this was definately important. So that means you want one lever in my eyes and with adjustable brakes. I had very good experience with the Avid BB7s and this lever: https://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/sunlite-alloy-double-mountain-bike-lever-dual-cable-alloy-silver-black.



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Hi all

Finally re-started the build of my Mk2 Python trike rear end:-

Mk2 Python trike rear end <http://forum.atomiczombie.com/showthread.php/9476-Building-a-python-trike-Mk2?p=107935#post107935>

I am after 3 things in no particular order :-

Longer trike so I can carry my camping gear and not have to tow a trailer

Rear brakes [ see below ]

Suspension [ simple ] to iron out a few of the bumps I encounter.

I was advised to put both my brakes on the front wheel.

This is not a good idea , I ride my trike in all weathers and seasons and to be honest in some situations this is positively dangerous ?

On numerous occasions [ in the 4 years I have been riding the trike ] I have locked up the front wheel so loosing all steering and have had to decide whether to continue and hope I stop in time OR stop braking and regain the steering and hope I can steer out of danger and NOT tip over.

I rode a Hase Kettweisel for many years with independent rear wheel brakes and it was perfectly safe , I should have built mine the same.

This also has rear wheel brakes and is praised for NOT brake steering and been very stable ?

Glens Python trike <https://trikeasylum.wordpress.com/2013/06/23/glens-delta-trike/>

all for now Paul

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