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  • Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 06:51:03 -0700

Hello Jürgen,

At 02:23 AM 5/27/2005, you wrote:
>>I added panniers to the rear and commuted to the office Monday, ~40km r-t.
>>The Big problem was the main hill, 100m in 2km.  I stopped twice and almost
>>went back - Calle del Oro is >10% in places
>Start slow with the hills. 

slow is my mantra

>On a recumbent you need to develop different
>muscles which takes 1000 km of practice.


>Also you can put more pressure to the pedals than on upright bikes which
>might strees your knees in the beginning.
>So take care.

I also think that a more upright seat angle helps to put the butt/hamstrings 
more into action. I've considered raising my seat further. A little less aero 
is OK if I can use more muscles.

>Nowadays I can go uphills faster than with my trekking bike.

Gearing might be the large issue. I rode my Trek in yesterday and noticed that 
I averaged ~4kph on the steep sections. My goal in commuting in is to get up 
the hills with minimum sweating/peak exertion. On the way home I ride harder. 
I'm going to look in my junk bin for smaller gearing.

>PS: 30 degrees centigrade here in Southern Germany! 

How is the humidity and breeze? 
Here we have a local coastal  condition we call "June gloom". The coast is 
socked in April through June, 70F and 90% humidity. 
There is also the occasional "Santa Anna" winds, reverse out of the desert, 
85-100F and 30%hum for ~3 days. Normally breezes blow offshore in the am and 
onshore in the pm; I ride into the winds both ways! So, the python is very good 
for that. I have been thinking of plastic sheet material for a small, light 
front fairing and tail.



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