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  • Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 21:32:13 -0400

Very cool :)  I'm jealous!

I switched my chainring on my trike to a 42/32/22 chain ring set with 152mm
cranks.  I'm going to put a similar set on my python.  I have a 9 speed
cassette on the rear wheel with a 34-11 range - same type I'll be using on
the python too.  On my trike, I went from an average speed of 4 kph on one
long, nasty hill, to 8 kph with the new cranks and chainring.  Very easy to
keep the cadence up now and I'm hoping it will aide in the python taking
hills too.  While I might lose a little top end speed with the 42 instead of
my prior 48 tooth chainring, it doesn't hamper my ability to cruise at
higher speeds and I think (at my age) hill climbing ability far outweighs
the wow factor of high speed on the downhills.  I also got some 26" x 1" IRC
tires, 95 psi to use on the python as well.  They have a solid center bead
with a little tread and rain grooving on the sides to aide, I hope, in
traction on less than ideal roads.

With you mounting your drop outs under the chain stays, do you find that you
have any chain clearance problems getting to your lowest gear on your

> I went for a couple of rides the last few days, and I thought that I'd
share my self-observations.
> We rode  to Mission Beach on Sunday, about 21km r-t:
> http://www.rjs.org/gallery/python_MissionBeach_004.jpg
> It was nice and flat, and I was consistently faster than my usual.
> Stop-and-go maneuvering through people  was a bit difficult, but the bike
gets attention, usually young kids. I crashed into the sand once, on the Bay
side. The girls in thongs weren't out yet, and Barbara wouldn't have taken
photos of them anyway. Sorry.
> I added panniers to the rear and commuted to the office Monday, ~40km r-t.
The Big problem was the main hill, 100m in 2km.  I stopped twice and almost
went back - Calle del Oro is >10% in places
> I could barely stay in one side of the road and my quads were burning;
when I put out high effort, I could no longer steer well with my legs, and
using my hands caused erratic interactions. My first gear is 24f - 26r; a
lower ratio and I would not be able to balance at a 3kph rate. This is
considerably harder than my Trek tourer.
> I find now that I steer with legs while riding flat and fast, just resting
my hands on the brakes, then mentally "turn off" my legs and switch to hands
for steep climbs and coasting downhill. I was able to descend at 35-40kph
just fine. The big advantage was riding into the wind (always both ways,
because of daily coastal flows) on the flat - fast and comfortable. My full
cushion seat back is a bit warm with extended effort. It needs more open
space to sweat.
> I also need a sand/water guard for the tires.
> Ray Schumacher
> La Jolla, CA (near San Diego)


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