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  • From: Rhisiart Gwilym <Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 22:42:09 +0100

Cracked it at last!

Thanks Dirk for putting me on to Erik Wannee's training-trike back-end for Flovos and Pythons. That was the key!

I built a version of Erik's idea over the past couple of weeks, and put it on to the front part of my original Python bike yesterday evening, even though the new trike back-end wasn't quite finished.

The result? Eureka!

Instant fluent riding! I love it!

The bike-format Python, which I built first, has been dumping me off every few metres with remorseless regularity for months. It's true what they say: Your sense of balance must deteriorate with age. I just couldn't get it.

But now, in just two evenings, everything's transformed. I finished putting the final bracing tubes on the trike back-end today, and went for another ride this evening. Even better than yesterday. Already I can lift my hands briefly from the bracing bars on the back-end, and keep the front-end balanced and steered with more certainty. The new balancing reflexes that I have to learn for the Python are coming quickly. I seem to remember Erik saying that a week with the training trike should get a new rider ready to try the bike format with more confidence.

Interestingly, having those bracing bars on the non-leaning back end also allows you to forget about having a steerable handle-bar in front of the articulation hinge, and trying to steer with that. My front-end now is a pure Python, steered only by foot, leg and hip movements, and by balance. And yes, it does feel much more right and easy. It also feels, as Erik says, just like riding a bike. The leaning into curves, and the deft counter-balancing are indistinguishable on either the Bithon or the Trithon.

I've been chasing this breakthrough for months. Thanks again Dirk. Thanks Jurgen for pioneering the whole beautiful idea: no mean feat of original engineering. And thanks to all listees for the stream of pictures, videos and key descriptive details. I know that I'd never have understood so much, and got this far, and actually be riding a home-built Python, without standing on the shoulders of the pathfinders. Thanks again to the band of Pythonauts. I love this bike!

Hwyl fawr iawn iawn,   Rhisiart Gwilym

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