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  • From: Howard Stevens <hstevens94@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 01:12:21 -0700

Hi all,
Pythonauts are an inventive group eh?  With a sailing boat it is necessary
to balance the centre of effort of the sail (measured by the junction of 2
lines from the apices of the sail), with the centre of lateral resistance of
the keel, to avoid a lot of lateral force on the rudder.  With a python
trike if you took the rear axle as the point of maximum lateral resistance
(I don't know if this is valid but it may be a reasonable approximation),
then you would need the centre of effort of the sail vertically above that
point, which may put the mast at the back of the seat.  Then the front
section may have little lateral force on it, just as a well balanced sailing
boat doesn't have much lateral force on the rudder.  Another thought is to
have a bipole mast and then the sail can be set on a wire stay, which gives
a great deal of adjustment to get the right balance.  But it all sounds like
a completely new ball game...something for the young and courageous!  Best
of luck....Howard Stevens

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