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  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 23:25:52 -0400

Hi Howard

On my python the pivot is slightly in front of my hips.  

I noticed much more PIS than PSI ( Pythonaut Induced Steering).

At 09:56 PM 8/19/2010 -0500, you wrote:
>Pythonauts.....has anyone ever ridden a python or Flevo with the pivot in
>front of the hip joint...ie level with the front of the seat?  I would be
>interested in how much PSI was noticed.  Thanks for the news about Dennis
>Renners Trike Rhisiart, ....a very neat arrangement and seems to ride very
>well.  I wonder how similar this is to the PX5 and whether you would feel
>like you are about to be thrown out of the seat when turning.  The question
>remains open as to why there was PSI noticed on Jurgens PX5.  I can't
>understand how there could be any with the pivot BEHIND the
>hips??...any comments Jurgen?  Dirk?    Cheers to you all  Howard


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