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Patrick van Gompel <patrick_van_gompel@xxxxxxxxxxx> hat am 19. September 2011 um
21:56 geschrieben:

> Thanks guys for the tips and help!
> Jaculus, can you please clearify so I am sure I understand it correctly. Are
> you saying that when I put a line around a bolt whitout a knot or anything and
> I hold both ends, that I can't multiply the line strenght by two? Of course
> the bolt does give some friction, but aren't the forces on both ends roughly
> the same? Isn't that how pulleys work? If you pull one end, the other end will
> move and have the same force to it, or am I completely wrong here?
> Is a M6 bolt to sharp a bend for a 3 or 7mm thick rope? Please advice.
i understood as well, that two lines at individually fixed positions are never
evenly loaded. However, a pivot, bolt or pulley design distributes the load
evenly on both lines, which doubles the overall force, while the other approach
doubles the safety (one line loaded, another as an unloaded spare)

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