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  • From: Rhisiart Gwilym <Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 08:11:20 +0000

Siwmae Henry,

Many thanks for this. You're one of the trailblazers on the Python list to whom I always listen carefully. You've just saved me a heap of work!

Clearly, what I need to do, to satisfy MY list of prefered characteristics, is just to build a quick-n-dirty simple trike back end, without leaning capability (I can come back to that when I can ride the two-wheel set-up) and get on the road with it.

Because I've already built in to my Python Jurgen's original design for a simple rear-suspension, I want to keep that, and I think I have a way to do it in spite of the extra torquing shock loads that two rear contact patches, hitting bumps independently, will put on the swinging-arm pivot. I'll show that to the list visually as soon as I have my photo and vid facility set up here.

You have to give me a bit of time to catch up, listees. I was born before the existence of hold-in-the-hand mini computers; when I was a kid computers that could do less than your on-board camera computer can do now required several clean-rooms and a team of human attendants; so I'm still catching up with the things that you younger guys do in your sleep! Doing everything on a cash shoe-string, and on one strand of a personal-energy shoestring slows things down a bit too. But still, this whole Python thing is such a great buzz that I'll get there eventually -- said the ancient snail. I'll post a complete photo record of progress soon.

Again, lots of thanks for all the material help from all the listees.

Hwyl fawr i bawb,   RhG

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