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  • From: Rhisiart Gwilym <Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 08:35:44 +0000

Siwmae Jurgen,

Trawling through some python back-material for answers to a particular build-detail question that's exercising my thoughts just now, I came across a comment that you made to Russian python builder Dennis Silantiev about his test python.

You said that more shoulder support would help his steering. My question concerns just that: Trying to work out in prior imagination what steering without handlebars feels like on a python, I felt that coordination between hip movements and shoulder movements must be pertinent. So I was considering investing the necessary work in building up slight wrap-around ends to the shoulder rest on my seat, so that I had a good positive control of lean, by being able to push against them. Someone - one of the American builders - said just recently that whilst learning he felt the need to 'get a better grip' (inaccurate quote from memory) on his seat, to get better steering control. So are curved-forward shoulder-rest ends worth building in?

I ask because I'm rationing my time now: Just got to finish an oakwood cabinet for my partner for her Christmas present, then..... the truck trailer goes on hold, everything else stops, and finishing the stalled python gets to the head of my work-queue!! The thought of a Summertime jaunt across north Europe, to meet a gang of python pioneers, is really pushing me on.

See you soon......      RhG

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