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  • From: Olaf Johansson <noll@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 22:55:20 +0200

On May 2, 2005, at 22:23, Jürgen Mages wrote:

Very sweet bike Olaf - Congratulations!

Thanks Jürgen. Glad you like it!

And it seems to ride like hell :-)

Monty is like an old English sportscar. Sporty but not fast. You might call it a python slowracer. It invites to tight cornering limited only by the fact that the feet goes into the ground. I should have raised the bb 10 cm more ...

The pivot fastening mechanism is ingenious. Do you think the bolts are strong enough, or would you improve sth if you build it another time?

Dirk and I got the same idea on the same time. I had the idea of using a bb but didn't know how to tighten it to avoide play. Dirk met a friend in Belgium who had kept the crank bolts and used them for tightening. So there was the solution. This means there is a minimum of load on the bolts, all the stress is directed in the steel plates of the pivot fork. So far this works well. And if the bearings in the bb goes kaputt I insert a new bb cartridge.

But if you think this is the smallest python you are wrong - see attachment.

Yuk, I'm not sure I like the living pythons so well. When renting a hut on Tioman island outside the coast of Malaysia we had a python for room mate and I didn't sleep very well those nights.

Wish you a great time with your Monty and a long swedish summer...

Same to you (German summers are almost as good as swedish  ;–)

But I must confess I am already collecting ideas of improvement so I guess I will spend some summertime in the blazing light of the MAG machine.


PS: I will post the airbike folding seat pictures soon.


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