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  • From: "Jan-Inge Ljungberg" <jan-inge.ljungberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 11:15:27 +0200

python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx på den 2 maj 2005 vid 11:02 +0100 skrev:
>> Here is a pic of Monty for the python page:
>> http://www.liggcykel.se/monty.jpg
>> ? sweet, innit?
>Oops - you send us a scooter picture. Please try again :-)
>Nice! Maybe a rollable seat (like the zzipper fairing) would be an option?
>Are you doing the full monty (öresund rundt) on thursday?

The Naked truth! is that Olaf not is doing the full monty!
I Jan-Inge and Christian J and Dirk Bonne are doing Öresund runt we hope.
Are you and some more danes coming?
Here's my favorite filmclip
Me lying besides the Monty and the knee did work after the fall!


Jan-Inge Ljungberg
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