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Hallo, Olaf, 
> One reason my monty wasn't a big sucess as a bring-along-bike, was  
> that it was separable instead of foldable. So I gave in and bought  
> myself a Brompton which I frequently use on buses and trains. It  
> folds easily and quickly, and most important, the parts are still  
> attached to eachother when folded. The B can be carried as a suitcase.

This I did not think about. I have a foldable upright and you are right,
it is praktible to have all parts together. On the mail to henry i attached
a drawing for a foldable micro-python.

> On the Micro you will be seated further back than many python riders  
> on their bikes. This probably means that your hip joints will not be  
> fully engaged in the steering process.

this does not matter, on my TT testing prototype i am sitting behind the pivot.
the a - b distance is important, a must be same or bigger than b.

greetings Jürgen Maier
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