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Hi Dirk,

At 01:53 PM 5/10/2005, you wrote:
>The idea of Ray of putting weights on the spokes could be a nice and
>easy experiment to settle if the gyroscopic effect is friend or foe.

I have done it before with fishing weights to balance a poor front wheel, 
it really helps smooth out at speed.

>>> May be this effect has nothing to do with the trail being negative. But
>>> just that on centered steered bikes the effect is stronger ---just like
>>> that loading heavy bagage on a centered steered bike is immediatly felt.
>> I think center-steered bikes are in general more sensitive to
>> changes of CoG and frame geometry.
>What about the gyroscopic effect of the rear wheel? The corrective
>forces made by lean or steer adjustments will have the opposite effect
>as the front wheel.

Well, according to the calculator, rear wheel mass doesn't do a lot, 
but front mass does. What it does is hard to tell. My idea was that front 
wheel mass might reduce the high speed odd feeling.

I am looking for a steer damper, but my skills are not up to the rim-weight 



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