[python] Re: holiday on a python recumbent

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 20:48:17 +0100

nerdie wrote:
Thanks for your reply!

On a conventional bike there is mostly space for 4 lowrider bags. What are
the possibilities on a python? I've seen a picture from Dirk, there only
seem to be two rear bags. Does that give enough space?
Hi Arjen,

You mean me? I use bananabags (60L) and a topbag (30L)


That is 90L bagage space! That is enough for everything (and I do pack all inside of the bags, including tent or mat) and still have loads of place to comfortably carry a good food store and more.

The banana bags have the advantage of putting the center of gravity low, which makes handling better. But have the disadvantage that they can touch the ground when not being careful in very tight & slow corners.



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