[python] foldable Seat for the monty, was:monty pic

  • From: "Hanno Hirsch" <superhanno@xxxxxx>
  • To: <python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 21:29:18 +0200

Hi List,
> > Thanks Torben. A rollable seat? What do you mean?
> >
> Just a thought. The zzipper front fairing can be rolled up for
> transportation, and your bike being so small it seems that the seat is the
> bulkiest part when it is dismantled. If a clever head could construct a
> seatback from the same material as the zzipper,

I once owned a ZZipper, and indeed it can be rolled up, but the material is
less than 1 mm thick.

>maybe with a pair of
> detachable supports on the rear,

but with this wobbely material, the Supports would have to hold all forces,
so who needs a ZZipper more?.

I once saw a nice Seat made of wooden plates, these, connected by some
fabric bands, could be rolled up.

but this would require quite a bit of folding time.

any other ideas for foldable seats? Inflatable maybe?
Or more the minimalistic approach? Just some few foldable pads giving
support to the major points?

    Hanno, working on the Twist Mk II


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