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  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 22:56:27 +0200

Hello Rhisiart and Jérémy,

are you talking of a faired two- or three wheeler?

The first one will not work at all and a faired python trike is also not the best idea, because the fairing cannot be hinged to the moving front part. Better not to waste time and material on this ...


I said it once, and I won't get tired to say it again:

On 31.03.2009 21:23, Jérémy Hanon wrote:
Hello out there, my name is Jérémy and i live near Frankfurt am Main
in Germany. I read that some of you had the plan to build a faired
Python, does  anybody have realised this? Will there be some
Pythonauts at the Spezi 09?,-or is there a Pythonaut from my region
out there who can take a look on my Python? I would like to know if
it is rideable (I think it is for less 100meters....my current record
;) ) It is only a Prototype and i would be very thankfull for further
information to optimate it.

Jérémy Hanon


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