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Yesterday I encountered an unforeseen peril: ashes blew into my  eyes.

on a more serious note, a year ago I was having trouble after a ride  with 
something in my eye.  after trying to deal with it mysel f for a  couple days, 
finally went to the e-room and the Doc looked carefully, found a  piece of 
insect carapace under my eyelid (shell) no scratching on my eye  luckily, or 
only light scratching at worst, eye drops fixed that.  I don't  wear "goggles" 
but my glasses do protect some from direct impact of stuff.   Got to watch that 
stuff !
come  to the Midwest HPV/ Velomobile conference 
June 11/12 2005 Cedar Rapids,  Iowa
Shirt  for the conference is at the website below.

go to _www.zazzle.com_ (http://www.zazzle.com/)  type velomobile in the 
search  and it will come up. complete url is here  


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