[python] Re: another enhancement or not?

  • From: "Sam v. Herwaarden" <sammelweis@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 21:14:01 +0200

> A unicycling friend once suggested I should put arm rests on Monty.
> I cycle a lot with my hands folded behind the neck (knicklenkers are
> the only bikes that allow you to get a tan on the inside of your arms)
> but sometimes I fear people think I am doing this to show off, it looks
> a little pretentious if you know what I mean. Having hands in the lap
> makes a sweaty spot on the pants, letting arms hang down is ok until
> fingers get smacked by a stone or some other obstacle. Crossing arms
> over chest is comfortable but also becomes sweaty when weather is hot.
> I sometimes simply don't know where to place my hands! Since I have
> completely lost (I think so at least) the reflex to try steering with
> my hands I guess I could mount a pair of handles on the sides of the
> seat. But I fear it will feel ridiculous ...
> So, instead I have come to think about the arm rest idea. True, this is
> perhaps even sillier but the idea feels fresh and worth a try. What do
> you think?
> olaf
Well, of course it's extra weight :) Doesn't it work to have your
hands hanging by your sides with your thumbs in you pockets? I don't
have a python yet (hopefully just before or after the summer holiday
I'll have it finished) but I would imagine that could be comfortable
(I like walking like that).
Reminds me that I still have to put a log on the web.
Waarom rijden er zo veel fietsers in auto's rond?
// Loesje

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