[python] Re: TT geometry changed

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  • Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 09:30:08 +0200

Am 14 May 2005 um 11:32 hat Laurent Dechenne geschrieben:

> Now i'm working on my race-direct-front-wheel-drive vertion.

Bonjour Laurent,

are you constructing a new transmission system? On the TT 5 I can not use 
sprocket change 
any more, the distance is to short, and the feet pass by the hub. So only the 
shimano nexus 
or the rohloff hub would work, because these have all parts (ropes for shifting 
the gears) inside 
the frame. 

I would really like to meet you once. So we could share directly our 
experiences. Moi je parle 
un peu francais.

Jürgen Maier


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