[python] Re: TT geometry changed

  • From: Laurent Dechenne <laurent.dechenne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 11:32:11 +0200

You have a realy good bike now!
I'm realy interested by the effect of the smaller trail, and by you test !
Now i'm working on my race-direct-front-wheel-drive vertion.


Le 13-mai-05, à 21:33, juermaier@xxxxxx a écrit :

on my TT prototype I changed the position of the front-wheel. The wheel is now 8 cm nearer to
the bb, as you can see on the photo, (TT 3).

The side forces while pedaling are now less than on the former TT because the distances
(pivot-hub) and (hub-bb) have now the same length. The hanging pendulum of the python still
makes pedaling smoother because it counteracts the pedaling forces. But on TT 3 it is now
nearly comfortable to go off hands.

The wheel flop has also decreased, because the positive trail is now 3 cm, (former 10 cm).
Downhill-ability is still good, 50 km max speed is no problem.

Turning radius is good, 2 meter and the bike is very agile (with handlebars)

I will put the front wheel another few cm nearer to the bb and I am courious how it will ride.

Cheers Jürgen Maier
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