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Hi Christian,

Pedals with one feet: perhaps it's easier with clicks.
Some had steering Bars some had none. I can't drive without stabilizing the steering with handlebars, and for me it's very important during breaking processes.  I also can't drive without feet on pedals, feet control perhaps 90 % of steering forces but ....  .
Breaking: I find it important to have a front and also a rear brake.
Speed with Python: I learned to have respect for Speed. There is for me some diff Stage"levels" to reach and if you don't control the bike at 20 km/h you will crash it with 30 km/h.
The problem with crashing at 30 km/h is not without (serious) injuries. The thing is that you suddenly lose the control because it goes more quickly, your brain don't know how to react because the body dont know well the situation. Your body has to experience the 30 km/h than later you can training the next "level"(20, 30, 40, ...)
Since a big crash while learning at speed 30-35 km/h i always wear a Helmet (before i never do this) and i also wear elbowprotections.
That's my experience with speed.(Don't try excessive Speeds if you are new)
I learned with gloves (don't have sticks). Driving light Uphill can be helpfull to learn control. It takes me 300 to 500 Kilometers, before i dare to drive in light Traffic.
Knees: don't push to hard the pedals !! if you are not trained, it's possible and its funny, but think that you will have some knee injurys later. (Dirk B. has shortend his cranks to pedal with less Force/ Mouvements and with more RPM.)
Hope this will help (and sorry for my English)


(Birdcage Python) and your posts give me envy to drive, after a long break.

Le 19/03/18 à 15:51, Christian Winkgen a écrit :

I would not say I am in full control. It just grants me control for a certain length of time… :)
Did you try not going straight but leaning into a circle? I found that much easier at first to get a feeling.
And did you try the thing Vi suggested - launching with only one foot up the pedals?

I just read a length thread in a German velomobil forum and someone said he disposed the handlebars because he felt that they got the python unstable as soon as he touched them.
I have the same feeling - as soon as I go faster and feel like breaking I almost fall over because the old pattern takes over to try to steer the bike with the handlebars...

Should I get rid of the handlebars and just add a fixed stick to the rear frame?
Who of you has handlebars or uses them?
If you don’t have any - where to put the brake levers?
And how can I practice going downhill or faster?


Am 19.03.2018 um 11:32 schrieb Karl McCracken <karl.mccracken@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:karl.mccracken@xxxxxxxxxxx>>:

Nice. And oh, how I envy your apparent control of the beast!

Just heading out for another half hour of Not Riding. Yesterday I think I did almost 20m in a straight line without putting hands or feet down...

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I have trained almost every day for about 30 minutes and feel more and more confident now.

Yesterday I dumped the „sticks“ because they were more of a distraction and always hurt my knuckles when I crashed.
Without sticks it is easier to grab the brakes (for an emergency or when going slightly downhill) and I can still touch the ground when I tip over in a tight turn.

Because I reckoned that I still felt uncomfortable doing clockwise circles I began practicing doing exactly that.
I still feel better having the right (leading) foot first but in a clockwise circle it would be better the other way round - or just keeping pedalling.
So I try to do as many clockwise circles as possible - maybe I try to find a bigger space where I can do figure eights again and again.

I also almost dumped the plan with the training wheels - but what will happen when I crash going faster speeds?

The crashes did not only hurt my knuckles (both middle fingers are a bit stiff now) but also scratched the brake levers and nearly destroyed the trigger shift for the Alfine hub (the indicator is defunct now and almost gone).
I also put a sliced rubber hose around the lower edges of the mesh seat because the fabric also seemed to get eaten up by the crashes.

This is part of yesterdays session trying without sticks for the first time:
Left turns work pretty well, but clockwise is still a bit instable (I have to leave the yard for a few seconds to come back for going clockwise…)

@Karl: how are you doing with your python? Have some pictures of it?


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