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At 08:32 AM 2/13/2006, you wrote:

>Hello Tom,
>>I was thinking
>>about the stability issue when coasting downhill, and it occurs
>>to me that this is similar to the problem of a tractor + semi-trailer
>>combination which wants to jackknife in the right (actually wrong!)
>>conditions. Like the Python, there is a pivot (with 90 degree angle),
>>drive is on the component forward of the pivot, and the weight is
>>distributed between the forward wheels (through the 5th wheel
>>pivot) and the trailer wheels. As long as the tractor is pulling the
>>trailer, there is no problem, but when trying to brake the system
>>can fold up.

When I was looking into solving dynamics code, I saw that people were using ODE 
and similar dynamic engines to simulate motorcycle behavior; a cycle is almost 
the same code as a semi, with Very narrow wheel base, two fixed parts to the 
wheels and a pivot.

>Referring to the spooky feeling at 50+ km/h coasting speed, we
>have not found a solution yet, but always welcome new thoughts.

Have there been reports from the people that have an oil damper on their pivot?



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