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  • From: Serge Prinz <prinz_serge@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 21:20:19 +0100

Hello Rhisiart,

You must be patient!
In the beginning( first "walking with hands") I practiced Python for half an hour a day and after 6 hours of testing, I made my first tour :8 kilometers...and this with much stops, feet on the ground and hand's on the brakes. Second tour was 8,5 km with 17,18 average speed.....(that's 3 week's after the first test) I remember that I had often thought that I had better build a trike..., now all this is forgotten... Only one advice: dont drive quicker than 25 km/h, make this in a progressive way, in the beginning after 50 km I had a big crash with 30/35 km/h since this time I ride always with ellbowprotectings.
Wish you success


P.s.: perhaps a picture of your bike?

Rhisiart Gwilym a écrit :
Hi Jurgen, and greetings to Wen and George also.

Damn, that rider in the vid is good. Why can't I ride like that!

Other related videos offered beside that one led me to this too:


I've felt that I've been within an ace myself of getting that 'click' he mentions, in some of my most recent practice rides. Maybe I should persist with the bike set-up a little longer(my strained hand is better this morning)......

Many thanks for all the offered useful knowledge. I'm still wavering, though: should I go for the complete trike back end, or simply put a couple of stabilisers on my bike, just like a little child's first bike, and carry on trying to reach that click point?

I'm tempted to say that I should stick with Wen and the other older Pythonauts. I'm only a year behind you, Wen, so -- SOLIDARITY BROTHER!

But still, it would be nice to get to the breakthrough, and achieve that fluent ease of riding, like the young guy in the vid above, or like Jurgen doing eight-turns in that video on the Python website. Damn! What do I do......?

Thanks again to all for the advice.

Hwyl fawr,  RhG

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