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  • Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:41:44 +0200

Hello Howard,

thanks for putting this question again on the table. Riding the PX5 felt very akward and I never really mastered it. Nowadays I would not blame it to PSI. I think it was wheelflop, due to the heavy weight of the front part. I should correct that on my website.

The theory of Dirk seems very good to me and I have some similar advise on my website: There should be a balance between wheelflop an selfcentering and then a little bit more of selfcentering should be added then the geometry should be perfect (Alignment of hips and steering pivot is mandatory!).

The question is: How to measure this balance?

My rule of thumb is: Hold the bike with one hand by the seatback and notice how wheelflop makes the front part fall to one side. Then press the seat slightly downwards (about 3 kg I guess) and now the front part should center itself. Also it should be possible to push the bike through a crowded area with only one hand at the seatback.

Maybe one day we can work out a less empiric way of determinating this sweet spot.


On 20.08.2010 04:56, Howard Stevens wrote:
The question remains open as to why there was PSI noticed on Jurgens
PX5.  I can't understand how there could be any with the pivot BEHIND
the hips??...any comments Jurgen?

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