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Betreff: structure
Datum: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 15:13:50 +0100
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Hi J,

since i changed to gmail and linux, i cant send msg from my subscribed email
so that's why a direct mail

you can forward, modify etc what you want with this msg

to come directly to the point,
i don't thing "the Internet" in general is going to the forum direction.
i think however nice of this guy, i don't want to offend, it is totally
who is nowadays interested in ploughing through old forums.
nono i would say.

you content, projects and members are far too interesting to tuck away in a

the other big issue is that you want action, not a forum

think in the lines of a home page introducing the python,
lift up some tips of the veil,
and then allow for each built python to have its own sub page,
(so not per user, but per project)
with pics, specs and user feedback messages/blog.
also throw in a theoretical forum or interactive part, can be same, with

then you can send out weekly newsletters with links to the newly added
remarks and texts/pics.
that way you don't receive out mails everyday, and directly go to the
projects you re interested in.

what you setup then, is a structure where the projects have a central role
with their comments.
projects is what you want, not tucked away conversation

the structure should be as less hierarchical as possible i guess,
with only a general python page to lure visitors in.

and, you can win wars without guns, all you need is style;
get a designer to do it for you, or smartly copy, its well worth it.

also, because you have such selected crowd around you,
indeed involve them in the choice of platform,
and give them special rights through membership remarks possibility etc.

what you do IS special and WELL worth some extra effort in choosing
direction for the info's.


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