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Jürgen Mages wrote:
- does anybody know if there exists social forums on the web, where
members can showcase their projects and interact, divided into
categories like "watermanegement, transport, domestic etc."

i see it before me a system where you can appreciate projects, become
group member and participate and be appreciated. (a little bit like
it already is on the pythonlist, but more "myspace" and more
People tend to wait for others to raise s.th. they are longing for.
But progress could be greatly accelerated if everyone starts to
work for his ideas, or at least helps others in realising them.

Yes, people tent to wait, but they do not do this because they are lazy, but often projects are too big for only one person.
To help others is the point !
Ideas should be shared, so nobody has to invent things new from the scratch. The power of many people can be merged and everyone can take from and give to this pool of ideas, knowledge and experience. Have a look at Linux or Wikipedia, which are great ideas brought to success by the power of sharing.
(Licenced under GNU/GPL, look it up in Wikipedia for more Info)

E.g. I always looked for a european long distance cycling route project.
Nothing really helpful in sight. Two years ago I started a small wiki
and gathered informations about the major routes. I created GPS tracks
that showed the exact path and filled the wiki with roadbooks and info
about the route (unfortunately in German). If s.o. likes to help me
with that, I would appreciate it. The current status of the wiki can
be seen here:


The whole project is not commercial and is licenced under creative
commons. Please contact me per PM if you are interested and not
through this mailinglist.
Next great Projekt !
I love it.


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