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  • From: Pekka Pitkänen <pegalle@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 12:36:37 +0300

Hello pythonists,

I've managed to take some specs from my python. I decided to take high / low
measurement where possible.
http://www.nojapyorafoorumi.fi/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1437&start=45 quite
bottom of the page.
I hope that it's ok to use that Jurgen's drawing? And that there isn't
already a python named PPPython?

And having a videoclip from practising and cruising. No big bruises :)

2010/7/31 david hout <bmwmadman@xxxxxxxxx>

> im still learning to ride mine. i dont have a trike to play with. im trying
> to work out a set of training wheels that can be unbolted later but have not
> had time. its very frustrating to not be able to ride the bike i built.
> Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Einstein
> --- On *Fri, 7/30/10, Pekka Pitkänen <pegalle@xxxxxxxxx>* wrote:
> From: Pekka Pitkänen <pegalle@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [python] Re: New python from Finland
> To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Friday, July 30, 2010, 1:49 PM
> Thanks Torben and Rhisiart!
> Today I made a new wooden seat which feels very promising! A few pics are
> waiting to upload to the blog. Gonna have a test ride this evening.
> There have been discussions in Finnish forum how to get over from the first
> embarrassing meters which eat gloves very much, some use short sticks,
> others wonder would it be reasonable to use stabilising side wheels or  use
> roller skates (or similar) in hands.
> I wonder how fast that kind of a training back end will be seen in Finland,
> too!
> Anyways, I started my recumbenting in 2001 by doing a copy from Esko
> Meriluoto's Hipparion trike which is also leg-steered.
> http://www.nojapyorafoorumi.fi/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=40&start=90  the green
> one in bottom of the page.
> Maybe it was a bit easier to learn python because of that, but still not
> easy :)
> 2010/7/30 Rhisiart Gwilym 
> <Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<http://mc/compose?to=Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> Congratulation, Pekka. Welcome to the Bruised Python-Learners club!
> To help you learn quicker, and to be able to ride even on roads, Erik
> Wannee's 'Training Trike Back End' is a key idea. See here:
>  http://www.wannee.nl/hpv/oefentri/index.htm
> Dirk Bonne told me about it, and being too far from Erik's place in
> Apeldoorn, Netherlands, to hire his trainer, I just made a quick copy. This
> has absolutely TRANSFORMED my riding. Before, even after weeks of trying, I
> could go scarcely ten metres on my bike-rigged Python before I fell over.
> Now, I'm doing twenty-kilometer rides easily, including stretches on roads
> with motor traffic. And I could ride the training trike immediately, the
> very first time that I sat on it.
> I've just turned 70, so my sense of balance isn't as good as it was. But
> still, with this rig, the Python riding is easy. And the best is that I can
> watch myself catching the trick of balancing the front and middle parts --
> just like the bike rig -- and internalising the learned reflexes steadily.
> By now I can ride along for a lot more than ten metres, with my hands just
> poised loosely round the grab-bars, but actually steering and balancing
> exactly as if I were on a Python bike.
> Note that, though Erik's page about his training-trike back end is in
> Nederlandse, the pictures really make it all quite clear. All you really
> need to grasp is that the rectangular frame which holds the two back wheels
> is rigid, and stays upright at all times, and the two rearward grab handles
> welded to that rectangular frame also stay solidly on the ground, and
> upright at all times. But the whole of the rest of the rig leans and
> balances just like a bike. As Erik says, you can't really feel the
> difference. But there are always those two solid, unyielding grab bars to
> rebalance yourself instantly, as soon as you feel yourself losing it.
> Absolutely the key to quick, easy learning. You can just make out the
> fore-and-aft, horizontal-axis leaning pivots that link the back end to the
> rest of the cycle, on the first photo on Erik's web-page. That's the key!
> I have a friend who runs a one-man bike sales, repair and recycling shop,
> from his canal-boat home. He's watched me crawling slowly forward with the
> building of my Python bike, and then the long, not-very-successful slog of
> trying to learn to ride it. So he was pretty sceptical about the whole
> Python idea. But the first moment that he sat on my trike rig, pedalled
> away, felt the beautiful soft, easy ride of the Mages DIY suspension system,
> and that extraordinary way that the Python steers and handles, he was
> completely converted. So much so that he's now offering to build bespoke
> Pythons for anyone who asks me where they can get one. Graham is a really
> good engineer and general fabricator, with half a lifetime solidly in bikes
> as a professional, so I know that his Pythons will be really good quality
> cycles.
> We both think that the Training-Trike version is such a good rig in its own
> right that I'm tempted to just stay with it, as-is; and Graham also is
> asking me why I'd want to go back to the bike rig when I've got a trike as
> sweet and easy-ride as this one. I suppose I just want to be able to ride
> the original, pure Mages creation too. But I'm very tempted to settle mainly
> on the trike. It's such a great ride that I just can't get enough time on
> it. Got to try them both first though, before I can decide.
> Good luck with your learning Pekka, whichever way you try it. Python's
> rule, OK!
> Hwyl fawr,  RhG
>  Hello pythonists,
> This project has been one of the best succeeded what i've been done, got
> "influence" in May, gathering bike parts from local junkyard and steel tubes
> came from friend's garage. In June I was lucky to have a place where I was
> able to weld everything together.
> In July I finished the frame in my backyard and started to learning how to
> ride the damn thing! One hour per day it took 15 hours to convince myself
> that I may be able to ride somewhere else than on the empty car park only!
> From now on I am counting kilometres, not hours. The Python has cost next
> to nothing, if we are not counting a beer case to the welding place's
> owners, and that's not much! Everybody just keep saying that "I want to see
> if you are ever able to ride that thing!"
> Next thing I'm going to do is modificating the seat, the fabric is not
> giving enough support to my lower back and because of my bad back, it's got
> to be changed.
> A little bit more fine tuning and welding and then some Hammerite black
> paint, and then... who knows? :D
> Pekka
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