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  • Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 13:30:42 +0200

I´m forwarding Sam´s mail, because strangewise it
arrived uuencoded to the list:

Sam wrote:

Are you using the PU to make a sandwich construction?
I'm going to build a foam-core frame, which means that the carbon is
draped over the foam and the foam is kept in place. I don't know
whether it is called a sandwich construction when not a straight plate
- but the idea is the same, yeah :)

When moulding the bike – will you use more than one layer of carbon
The amount of layers depends on the type of carbon used and the stress
on a point (which you have to estimate). I mailed Jim Scozzafava (
www.jjscozzi.com ) about how much he used, and he said that he aimed
for .06-.07" (1.7mm) in general and up to .1" (2.5mm) for high stress
points. Since I will be using 200g/m2 twill carbon that dresses out to
approximately .3mm, I'll be using something like 5 layers in general
(the foam adds some strength, and I want to go off-road with the bike,
so I still need to find out whether that is sufficient for a mtb-like
bike as well, but as a guideline I like it).
On high-stress points I will either use UD-tape when forces are mainly
in one line, or 410g/m2 carbon for extra strength.

Times when I think of carbon fibre python I think of a front part where
the fender/mudguard is an integrated part – would that be possible you
I guess so - but you would need to find a way to service all the parts
that are inside and the chain needs  to go through the mudguard. Maybe
a removable (but carbon) mudguard that fits nicely into your frame
would work better.

You have to use solvent with epoxi?
Yeah, to clean the tools :) So that's definitely the part I like
least, but hell - who likes cleaning up? ;)

Looking forward to your blog!
Still working on it :)



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