[python] Mono tube Python front end ?

  • From: paul needham <paul.2.needham@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2018 22:54:20 +0100

Hi all

Anyone think this may work ?

A mono tube python front end ?

The idea is to try and make the whole of the front end from a single square tube 40mm x 40mm x 1.5mm ?

The idea is to weld a BB shell at the frame end [ 56' because it is for a trike.] for the pivot.

Bracket for rear mech bolted on right of tube.

Than an assembly consisting of a BMX front hub [ the strong ones that take a 14mm axle ] welded to 2 side plates of 3mm bolted to the main frame with 3 x  8 mm bolts through anti crush tubes in main frame.

This hub will have a 14mm rear axle [ longest possible ] on the left of the axle will be welded a complete 20" BMX front wheel ! on the right of this axle will be screwed on a 14mm wheel nut [ big chrome one ] that is welded to a right hand thread BB shell and a screw on cassette will be mounted on that.

At the front will be welded another BB shell + front mech post for pedals and front changer ?

The idea is that the wheel sits on the left and the cassette on the right with the chain running on the right.

No specialist parts apart from front wheel welded to axle ?

Only because I cannot think of an easy way to attach the wheel to the axle without it unscrewing ?

regards Paul

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